Friday, July 8, 2011

More Yarn

Yesterday was an exciting day - our latest order arrived from China. We are now fully stocked in all the colors of allhemp3 and allhemp6. The top 2 pics were taken after we got all the boxes off the skids - 92 in total. I'll try and take another pic once all the yarn is out of the boxes - yeah for color!

We added a new color too! Midnight blue (shown in the last pic) is a beautiful navy. It's a bit darker than what is showing on my monitor. I'm  thinking of taking some allhemp3 home with me for the weekend. I have a wedding to attend next week and I think I need a little cover-up.  

Have a great weekend!


  1. wow look at those beautiful colors!

  2. Looks like lots of fun! Can't wait to knit with the midnight!

  3. awesome colors! so vibrant!