Friday, October 30, 2009

Finalising Pattern Instructions

Finalising pattern instructions takes me an incredibly long time...sometimes many months.

For example, I've had this design (Urban Twist using hempwol) almost ready for publication but something just wasn't quite right about it. I knit it for my husband and he was happy with it but I wasn't. Everytime he wore it I'd follow him around and adjust it here, then there.....hes' not liking this! 

Late this summer I took out the top section and reworked it. Initally I wanted to have a sewn in look for the sleeves, you know the vertical line created as a result of setting in the sleeves. I was working in the round so this was a bit of a challenge and my first attempt didn't really satisfy me - the neck was a little big and the top of the sleeve area didn't satisfy my critical eye. So for the reknit, I worked a bodice similar to Elizabeth Zimmermans saddle sleeve sweater. This gave the nice vertical line that I wanted along the sleeve cap - l think it really looks like a sewn in sleeve (refer to white sweater pic). Everything was going well until I got closer to the shoulder area since I didn't want saddle shoulders  I needed to do something else. After many variations I think I got it. It's fairly easy and again no seaming necessary.  I worked the front shoulder slightly longer and joined it to the back shoulder (using the 3 needle bind off - easy, peasy).

And now to the reason there is a  pic of a baby sweater. Well, after taking out the yoke section of the original sweater and redoing it with new instructions for the shoulder I immediately knit another one in a smaller size. Both of these had an odd number of cables front and back so I thought I'd better knit another one with an even number. This time I knit a wee version perfect for a baby.

I'm very close to finishing the pattern. Kathy, my trusted talented pattern editor will take a look at it next week and then it will be available. I can have a great weekend and I hope you do too.


  1. Which of your yarns are you using for this design?

  2. I used hempwol for the first two knits, the new pantheon (grey) and bianco. The one I knit for my husband (size 40-42") took less than 5 balls. For the baby version I used cashmerecanapa. BTW, happy birthday to you.