Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fabulous Fairisle Skirt

Here's my latest knitting project. A cute little fairisle skirt for a sweet girl. It's got lots of ruffle at the bottom - 400 sts worth!

This little piece began as a 100 st swatch. When I first received our shipment of hempwol I wanted to see how some of the colors worked in fairisle. I was enjoying myself and knit a really large swatch. Just the other day I was cleaning out the knitting and found this swatch. My daughter Melissa(Petra's Mom) saw the swatch and shouted SKIRT!  And voila....a little band, elastic and ribbon at the waist and a ruffle at the bottom finished it off. 
Now I must knit another so we'll have a pattern.


  1. The model and the skirt are adorable.

  2. The skirt looks so cute. Swatch to garment, how great it that.