Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Yes, even hemp sweaters might need a little love and mending now and then

On Thanksgiving weekend we took a road trip to the Okanagan to spend with family.  I thought it was a perfect time to do some repair mending to Mike's favorite work sweater. Here's a pic of Mike doing all the driving so I can knit, knit, knit. He's wearing his urban twist sweater which is not yet work worthy!

First thing to do was to redo the sleeves.Too bad I don't have a pic of the really bad looking sleeve, it was ugly! I snipped one stitch and picked up the loops so I could reknit it working top down. Now, picking up these loops while traveling on mountain roads was a challenge. Brought me back to being a young girl, and always getting car sick. I made sure I took lots of breaks and looked up, up, up as much as possible. A week has now past and I've just finished the repair job. I knit 2 sleeves from just above the elbow to the cuffs, reknit the neckband and lower band and also did some duplicate stitching on the underarm area. I couldn't match the yarn color very well, but I justified this because it is a work sweater and this man of mine wears it all the time. I think it is a least 4 years old and he loves it and I knew he wouldn't mind that the sleeves and bands are quite a bit different in color. He's just happy to have his favorite sweater back.

Oh yes and I learned how to do Jeny's incredible stretchy bind off which was a life saver for all those band stitches.

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